Natterer's bat (© Rob Parkin / Bat Conservation Trust) 

Our vision for working together 

Initially BatLife Europe will rely on partners to establish projects and activities, until funds have been raised for projects with staff. It is proposed that, in the longer term, BatLife Europe should: 
܀ Facilitate international communication and knowledge sharing 
܀ Identify European conservation priorities 
܀ Develop pan-European projects 
܀ Fundraise for international projects 
܀ Develop best practice guidelines 
܀ Assist in capacity building 
܀ Provide support and technical advice for EUROBATS initiatives 
܀ Co-ordinate action in relation to special threats 
܀ Collect / manage data 
܀ Assist national bodies in developing / implementing national conservation 
܀ plans / strategies 
܀ Give international status to national NGOs 
܀ Provide international support for national matters of concern 
We welcome input from other organisations working in the sector who wish to be involved in the partnership. Please feel free to contact us. 
Brown long eared (© Hugh Clark / Bat Conservation Trust) 
Osoi Cave (© Romanian Bat Protection Association) 
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